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Improving the Web Design Process Through Style Tiles Oct 31, 2017 Entrepreneur by Accident Feb 14, 2017 Entrepreneurship & Life I’ve been “on my own” professionally for almost 12 years now. It’s still crazy that it all really happened by accident. In the Spring of 2005, I My 2016 Homescreen Jan 2, 2017 Tech M.G. Siegler has been posting his home screen every year on the last day of the year for the past 4 years. It is a simple look into one person’s My 2016 in Live Music Dec 31, 2016 Music & Lists Time again for my annual musical nerd post. After a stellar 2015, this year was a bit of a letdown. I saw 25 acts this year, down from 30 in 2015. I Why ‘Rogue One’ Is a Better ‘Star Wars’ Movie Than ‘The Force Awakens’ Dec 20, 2016 In other words, Rogue One contains more Star Wars head nods, hat tips and hidden treasures than an eight-year-old’s toy collection and a San Diego Offense Aug 2, 2016 Life There is a simple message that keeps popping up in my life over the last few weeks. It’s become a source of motivation and an answer to occasional August Aug 1, 2016 Life I love the month of August. It’s a transformative time on the calendar as the dog days of summer wind down and give way to fall. On August 1st, I’m It’s The End of The Laptop As I Know It (And I Feel Fine) May 12, 2016 Tech About one month ago, I purchased my 4th iPad. The first 3 didn’t go so well. I still own the first 2 (1st Gen iPad and the 1st Gen iPad mini), but My 2015 in Live Music Jan 1, 2016 Music & Lists 2015 was one of my best years ever when it came to seeing live music. Here is a rundown of whom I saw, with my favorites in bold. Chris Forsyth The Gift of Great Radio Nov 15, 2014 Music WNRN has been a mainstay in Charlottesville since 1996. I recall discovering the station on a Saturday morning back then during their Grateful Dead Learn By Example Oct 21, 2014 Tech I’m not a conference junkie, but I make sure to hit one, maybe two, a year. Brooklyn Beta has been my choice of conferences the last two years. #Off The Road Jun 23, 2013 Life Like many, I grew up taking Griswold family-style vacations. Our route typically covered I-95 from Northern Florida to the Jersey Shore and The Family Network Jun 4, 2013 Tech Love it or hate it, Facebook still has one thing that no other social network has - your family. I’m not just referring to your immediate family.
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