My son on the high diveMy son on the high dive

I love the month of August. It’s a transformative time on the calendar as the dog days of summer wind down and give way to fall.

On August 1st, I’m in the thick of a summer haze. It’s miserably hot, but that means I’m at the pool almost every day. August is the time for that last summer getaway; the last chance to attend a music festival or a larger-than-life stadium show. It’s the month typically reserved for that 10 game west coast swing, which could kill your baseball team’s playoff chances. If you’ve been golfing all summer, August usually produces the best round of the year. August makes me think of Maine. I love Maine.

But as August moves on, an excitement of a different sort builds. Friends, neighbors, and colleagues all return home after that last summer road trip. It’s good to see them, catch up and make plans for the fall. It’s back to school and whether you are a teacher, student, or parent, it always symbolizes a new start. After one of the slowest stretches of the year, work finally returns to a normal pace because everyone is back at the office.

August begins in a stupor that slowly wears off as the days pass by. At the end of month, that stupor has been replaced with a sense of purpose, optimism, self-motivation and focus to get busy again.

It’s this transformation that makes August the best month of the year. I can’t wait to experience it again, but first things first.

See you at the pool.


August 1, 2016