M.G. Siegler has been posting his home screen every year on the last day of the year for the past 4 years. It is a simple look into one person’s current app usage, which I find interesting given his deep tech experience.

So I figured I would do something similar, but with a slight difference. Below I’ve posted my home screen as of the first of the year, after I spent some time reorganzing apps based on previous usage and potential usage in 2017. You could say that my homescreen reflects some things I want to change in the new year.

My 2017 HomescreenMy 2017 Homescreen

The apps that have occupied a space on my homescreen for awhile now, which I doubt will be replaced this year are Calendar, Dark Sky, Phone, 1Passowrd, Maps, Safari, Messages, Photos, Slack, and Camera.

I’ve tried to organize the rows to the best I can. The third row contains my news consumption apps. ESPN is the only one that has been a constant. The other three are recent additions to the homescreen. I started listening to more podcasts last year, subscribed to the New York Times, and revived my usage of Instapaper.

The fourth row is my work row. Slack, Asana, and Harvest are staples, but HubSpot is new. We are using it as our CRM right now although I have had a history of changing CRM platforms, so we will see if it lasts the year on the homescreen.

The last two rows are organized in a way that is designed to produce content. When I glance at my phone, the apps on the right side of the screen stand out for me. Thus, I’ve organized these rows so that the app on the far right kicks off a process that is followed by each app to the left. For example, this blog is powered by Blot. I write posts in Byword and then save each one to Dropbox, which will automically publish the post to this blog. Safari is to the left of Dropbox, so I can view the post in a browser and then tweet it out using Tweetbot (my Twitter app of choice). The last row is similarly designed. After taking a photo, I use Camera+ to edit the photo (sometimes), and post it to Instagram (if it’s worthy). Making a return to not just my homescreen, but my phone, is Tumblr since I am using it for a 365 project. The plan is to post one photo a day to Tumblr.

The money row is filled with my two most used music apps - Amazon Music and Sonos, the Photos app, and Messages.

The only other apps that are relatively new to my homescreen are Airmail, Notes, and Lifesum. Airmail is my current email app, but it’s on shaky ground. It’s a bit slower than other mail apps, and I just might go back to the native mail app. Now that you can share Notes with others, this is the app that my wife and I use to share lists and notes. I’ll be shocked if that leaves my homescreen. Lifesum is my health/diet app. My relationship with Lifesum is on again/off again. Since it’s the first of the year, it’s on again. Hopefully it will stay on my homescreen.

What does your homescreen look like? Do you have any apps that you recommend?

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